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As I say this, I definitely fall into the category of somewhat high maintenance.

I'm somewhat convinced it has to do with our culture.

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,tarof is word for their social custom of looking after friends and family in a social gathering.

Who i am with proves that not all can be painted with same brush.

But even within my extended family, my parents' successes are somewhat ignored because no one drives a Benz or BMW (my dad did have a used Lexus for like ten years..nothing makes him happier than his mini-van don't even ask me why) and our house isn't mansion-sized (but easily the most warm, inviting home and where everyone likes to congregate).

My white friends also are the same but to a lesser degree.

So yes sadly theyre high-maintenance but there are down to earth irani ladies out there too I promise!

The are daily artists of cooking , they cry when they hear Dariush or read Hafiz - they laugh when two old men are have a debate about buying fish. Don't get me wrong, Persians are good people, but I think it's definitely true that most of the women are high maintenance. Not most Iranians girls get what they want and that's why these days the number of girls attending universities is higher than boys. Also, do you happen to know how to phonetically write Lady in Persian?

They seek good education in order to build a career and be independent. I think it's Hannoum or something to that effect but not sure. There are definitely some rude ass chicks who think the world owes them and are just demanding.

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