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I'll try my best to update every Thursday - Saturday weekly. I won't leave you hanging, but I can't promise that there won't be cliff hangers at the end of chapters. Team Taka is also at the same inn and Sasuke and Naruto meet up in the surrounding forest. Merlin finally snaps and tells off Arthur's friends and it all comes out. Percy is drowning, as ironic as that sounds, constantly being pulled under by the gruesome memories. Part of the "Lover of Olympus"-series, sequel to "The Mark of Perseus"!

I love to read, listen to music, write, draw, watch scary movies, play my clarinet and hang with friends. Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)Harry/Draco/Blaise (Harry Potter)Harry/Tom (before he went evil) (Harry Potter)Harry/Voldemort (Harry Potter)Harry/Fred/George (Harry Potter)Harry/Bill (Harry Potter)Harry/Charlie (Harry Potter)Harry/Viktor Krum (Harry Potter)0Percy/Nico (Percy Jackson)Percy/Nico/Jason (Percy Jackson)Percy/Octavian (Percy Jackson)0Edd/Kevin (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy)0Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)Percival/Gwaine (Merlin)Morgana/Leon (Merlin)Gwen/Lancelot (Merlin)0Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto)0Tsukune/Ginei (Rosario Vampire)0Ryoma/Tezuka (Prince of Tennis)Ryoma/Fuji (Prince of Tennis)Ryoma/Inui (Prince of Tennis)0Rin/Amaimon (Blue Exorcist)0Eren/Levi (Attack on Titan)Eren/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Eren/Levi/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Eren/Mike (Attack on Titan)Eren/Jean (Attack on Titan)Armin/Eren (Attack on Titan)Armin/Jean (Attack on Titan)Armin/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Armin/Annie (Attack on Titan)Marco/Jean (Attack on Titan)Jean/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Mikasa/Annie (Attack on Titan)Annie/Mikasa (Attack on Titan)Bertolt/Reiner (Attack on Titan)Historia/Ymir (Attack on Titan)Sasha/Connie (Attack on Titan)Erwin/Mike (Attack on Titan)Mike/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Nanaba/Mike (Attack on Titan)Hange/Moblit (Attack on Titan)Petra/Oluo (Attack on Titan)Gunther/Eld (Attack on Titan)Eld/Gunther (Attack on Titan)Harry/Edward (Harry Potter/Twilight)Harry/Demetri/Felix (Harry Potter/Twilight)Harry/Alec (Harry Potter/Twilight)0Harry/Legolas (Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)Harry/Glorfindel (Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)0Harry/Godric (Harry Potter/True Blood)Harry/Eric (Harry Potter/True Blood)Team Kakashi stop at an inn for the night after a mission. Nico/Percy (Full Summary Inside)Merlin and Arthur have been together for a few months and are happy. None of their friends believe that the other is with them for anything less than nefarious reasons. Nico/Percy slash mpreg Nicercy Tartarus broke the son of Poseidon, leaving a fragile, sleepless shell behind.

Five years later, Reiner's control over Eren is complete, until one night they meet a detective who will shatter Eren's happy façade. So very tired of the chains that were once again attached to his wrists. Nico/Jason/Percy slashy threesome with a LOT of naughtiness for all my readers who were nice this year ;)Halloween fic! Heavy reactions will ensue when Eren goes into Levi's quarters to hide- without permission! Levi is a regular patron who only buys coffee if Eren's there ("kid makes good coffee") and reads seemingly incomprehensible texts like War and Peace. Percy was supposed to be in New York, studying to become a teacher. Nico/Percy slash Nicercy Naruto was never part of the popular group, so it really did surprise him when the school heart-throb, Sasuke Uchiha asked him for a favour, and not just any favour.

But it was his own fault for getting into this situation where he can only wait and hope for mercy. Naruto is sick and tired of being prosecuted by his peers for being gay. The best part, or worst part, is that he had to report to Hange Zoe before Levi could get his hands on Eren. But Percy has to take an internship as a student teacher. It was a favour that involved him being the pretend boyfriend of Sasuke's which included holding hands, eating lunch together and all tat other couple stuff... AU Sasu Narubased off a song but ended a different way.

But sometimes it's a chance when the truth comes to light. WARNINGS IN THE CHAPTER, RATEM M FOR A REASONPansy decides to make Draco love her once and for all and slips some love tonic in his drink. Percy is about to be married off to Annabeth Chase but what happens when he keeps messing up his vows?

When it doesn't work exactly as she planned, Draco's world is turned upside down by a pair of bespectacled emerald green eyes. All Eren wanted to do was to go to a costume party with his friends on Halloween night. Upsetting Annabeth's parents, disappointing his own, and making the pastor angry? Akashi/Kuroko slash Sequel to "An Angel's Curiosity" and "An Angel's Love" - Nico and Percy are caught red-handed.

Things that should have stayed a secret are revealed. What happens when they accidentally switch personalities? When he reached the stranger's side his eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat in his chest, for the man sleeping under the old tree was the most beautiful creature the King of Mirkwood had ever laid eyes upon.

Once some people know there is no reason to stay quite. Too bad the bastard disappeared after class before Jean could ask.

Armed with his friends, the group sets off to find Eren and stop him from ruining his life. Christmas-creature fic - In which Jason is Santa, Nico is Rupert and both are dominant, lacking a submissive in their mate-bond. Draco certainly found it outrageous and unforgivable. As a child, he got captured by sailors who planned on selling him on a market. When they raided a ship years ago, he found a young merboy and freed him.

When Levi sees him in his costume, however, that plan flew right out the window. Percy flees the church to a graveyard where he accidently marries a corpse bride! Post Winter Cup - Akashi had been asked by a reporter about a nickname of his, the Red King, and if he ever found his Red Queen. Nico is a demon, they expect him to break rules and sin.

Can Eren escape his lover's advances or will he end up being disciplined? High school AU - Nico doesn't like socializing, but his friends drag him to a "Rainbow Halloween Party". His answer makes Seirin curious what kind of girl would date Akashi. But Percy is an angel and for the lustful sins he committed with a demon, he has to pay the highest price. Percy slash Nicercy Prequel to "An Angel's Love" and "An Angel's Fall", the story of how they met - Percy is a young angel who sneaked out of heaven to see the mortal world. Percy slash Nicercy Stepping into Neverland means leaving your family behind. Mean Girls/High School AU; Levi twitched up a smile, relenting to the Dick Conquistador. It was his Fate to be sucked off by Eren in his cute cardigan.

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