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But that’s a topic for another day.) ♦◊♦ It’s understandable to be curious about the sexual lives of our peers.It makes sense to want to know what the averages are.♦◊♦ I lost my virginity at 17 to my high-school girlfriend. Beyond that, we—who have shared so much sexually and emotionally in our nine years as a couple, six years as spouses, and two years as parents together—don’t need to know more specifics.She was a year younger but much more sexually experienced. When we’re in a monogamous relationship, what we have a right to insist on is that no names get added to the list after our own. I’ll be crushed if my wife adds a number six or a 56 behind my back.

” (If I had a dollar for every woman I know who’s been asked that question, I could buy everyone reading this a Slurpee.

It’s easier to win a contest against two than against 20, he figures.

And even easier to rank first when he’s the only one to have ever played the game.

We have a right to know if a potential partner has herpes.

But the exact number itself is altogether different. I know enough from the stories she’s told to know that there was more than one guy before me; she knows enough about my past to figure out that she can’t count my lovers on her fingers.

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