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As law firms try to reduce the cost of providing legal counsel, certain tasks previously allocated to attorneys are expected to be delegated to paralegal support staff.

This shift is expected to diversify the types of responsibilities given to paralegals and legal assistants, increasing the importance of their role in the legal system and driving the creation of more positions nationwide.

For more information on national certification, see our guide Steps to Become a Paralegal.

Prospective and active paralegals and legal assistants are also encouraged to seek guidance from the New Hampshire paralegal associations listed below, which provide information and opportunities to paralegals and legal assistants within the state.

Paralegals can make a positive difference for their firms and have an impact on the lives of their firms’ clients.

As the training and education of paralegals within the state is not regulated, employers offer in-house training programs in lieu of formal paralegal education.

However, the majority of paralegal employers prefer candidates with some formal paralegal training, such as that earned through one of the paralegal schools in New Hampshire.

Devine Millimet & Branch is another large New Hampshire firm specializing in a range of practice areas.

The firm has offices in Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth and holds a reputation for deploying innovate techniques.

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