Dating hummel figurines

Original plates have become prized by collectors, but not to the extent of the older figurines.A good indicator of the value of Hummel plates is to view the Hummels at a discount online store at The "bumblebee" symbol, to honor the memory of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, was reinstated to the (TM8) current trademark. The information in this article is a concise documentation of all W.

Sometimes the molds were produced with a lightly incised circle on the bottom of the base in which the trademark was centered.

Find the Age of your Hummel using this Guide To find out how old your Hummel figurine is, look on the underside and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. Compare the trademark on the base of your Hummel to the date stamp chart below. (Hummel means bumble bee in German and the V stands for Verkaufsgesellschaft or distribution company).

Nevertheless, from time to time, an undocumented variation may surface. From 1946 through 1948 it was necessary to add the stamped words "Made in the U. Zone Germany." This mark was used within various types of frames or without a frame, underglazed or stamped over the glaze in black ink. They radically changed the trademark, instituting the use of a bee flying high with a "V".

It has no significance other than as a target for the location of the decal.

Some current production figurines still have this incised circle even though it is no longer used for that purpose.

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