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It’s not so much the title of unemployment that bugs me, but what they are doing about it, and with their time off.If they are sleeping in, playing video games, etc, then NO. If they are pounding the pavement trying to find a job, working hard on side projects or what have you, then it’s fine.Usually, it’s several turn offs that lead me to losing interest. D student who simply cannot fit a job into her schedule?That being said, I wouldn’t mind getting to know a woman if she was unemployed. And what if her one “flaw” is that she has yet to find a job that would make her and her employer happy? Plus the unemployment rate is high enough that I expect to meet unemployed people in my social circles.Personally, for example, I don’t think it would really matter to me if a person was employed at the time, as long as I knew that the person was not a freeloader or looking to have somebody else be solely responsible for providing for her in every way.As far as why it matters more to women if somebody is employed, I think it’s socialization as well as maybe some primal need to know that while she bears children, the man will be able to help provide resources to take care of them.For example, that men desire women who are beautiful and can bear children, while women want to be protected and provided resources.While that may be true on some level, is it really this clear in day-to-day life in the 21st century?

Or, is it more of a fear that the person is irresponsible simply because of employment status?2) Why is a potential date being unemployed a bigger deal for women?There is the age-old notion that we are hard-wired biologically to seek certain qualities in our partners.Is this even more understandable for a woman dating?With respect to both questions, I tend to think that the answers might have a mix of reasons specific to the individual, as well as some general reasons attributable to gender.

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