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Some manufacturers also attached other letters to the end of the date code to indicate day of the week, work shift, serial number, lot number, etc.The EIA only specifies manufacturer and year/week code.I say small, because it’s easily overdone, in which case you can end up with an amp that sings at high volume but sounds like mud at domestic levels.

Many players swap them out for more robust drivers with better bass handling and a bit more mid-range, and the Celestion G10 that features in the ‘68 Custom ticks both those boxes.

The 6 digit code indicates what manufacturer made the speaker and when it was made. Here is a list of some of the speaker manufacturers and their EIA codes: So, the speaker in the image above would have been made by Jensen (220) during the 27th week of 1951 or 1961.

The year is confusing because it is only a single digit.

Well, this one uses unashamedly old technology, albeit with a bit of a twist, but it certainly scores very heavily on the latter point.

Fender’s Princeton model, the smallest of their dual 6V6–based combos, has been through a number of iterations in its lifetime, but it was the iconic ‘Blackface’ model that Fender chose to recreate as part of their Vintage Reissue Series.

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