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Edit: Kinda realised after writing my story that you were after ways of not freezing when guys talk to you, mine might be pushing you too far.

Maybe keep a card that says "I'm mute but your cute, wanna text?

Because us men are simple beings and if any half decent woman wants to get to know us, we will want to get to know them.

I know this may be oversimplifying the nerves and anxiety but in situations like this I pretend I'm someone else, like an actor, and I'm playing out a script on tv and its not actually me doing it.

And my looks aren't a problem, here is me never mind, I don't think I need to post my picture. It will take a lot of confidence but just see if you lock eye contact with the man you have chosen, your body will instantly react with a bit of anxiety if you get the right look back.

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Collect yourself, Go back in and sit down with your friends.

If you find somewhere noisy enough, perfect excuse to pull out your notepad and write "I cant hear you because of the music and write your conversation"Why is it a good way?

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