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The campaign is the first work for Zoosk by Muhtayzik/Hoffer in San Francisco; “Muhtayzik” is the pronunciation for the surname of the agency’s co-founder and executive creative director, John Matejczyk.“We looked at the whole category of online dating, and it seemed strange that this thing that should be intimate and personal was being sold like a used car, with promises like, ‘Most marriages on this site! Matejczyk said.“There’s this false, overburdened approach to dating with these sites that are so much about getting married, but just ‘falling in like’ with someone is more attainable,” he said.“We thought, why not enjoy the process and experience the beauty of meeting someone you really like?”Zoosk, which declined to reveal advertising expenditures for the campaign, spent .3 million on advertising in 2013, according to the Kantar Media unit of WPP.The new commercial was set to air in Europe, yet it was banned.The reason for the ban might be that the commercial is too violent.

That is followed by the sound of the smoke alarm because dinner has burned, and the voice saying “First comes getting it a little wrong.” Later that night, they laugh on a park bench as they eat pizza, and the woman brushes a crumb from his cheek.If you’re looking for a full review of Zoosk, you can check out our in-depth breakdown of the dating site’s features, site functionality, and pricing.EXAMINER - Dec 28 - Zoosk, a dating site that uses major social networks to find a date, has a new banned commercial.But there’s so much more to know about Zoosk, and we’ve got the details below — with 12 facts we bet you didn’t know.From getting started to creating a profile to finding matches, we’ll walk you through what Zoosk has to offer.

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