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Numbers double, so there are two different pictures of holiday destinations/houses with the same number on the back. What are advantages and disadvantages of each holiday destination/house?In case you have toner issues at work, you might always use pictures cut out from newspapers and magazines, just remember to put numbers on the other side of each. Give them a minute to think about it and then ask them to walk around the class and find the person who has the same number at the back of their picture. The topics are neutral enough in nature not to cause any controversy or immediate clashes of opinions.It allows students to talk about their preferences and get to know each other’s tastes and opinions what leads to exchanging views and finding out more about each other.It is also great in terms of student talking time and making students more comfortable speaking in front of their peers.

It might be adapted for each level and group size, although it usually works best with bigger groups (at least 6 students).

The teacher might also play although it is better to stay on the outside, moderate the game, and step in, in case there is a student left without a partner.

Procedure: Arrange students in two circles, an inside and outside, the inside facing out. Pairs talk about their answers to questions which you a) put on the board and erase after each has been discussed b) are printed on handouts for each student. Once the time is up, you ask the students from the outside circle to move to their right, meet their new talking partner and answer the next question from the list. The most important thing is to make the questions open-ended to give your students something to work with.

YES/NO questions will kill the game after a minute.

Here are some examples I came up with for my intermediate group of 8: Alternatively, at the beginning of the class, you could ask your students to write one question they would like to ask a stranger use those instead of your own ideas.

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