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Max of Max Logic - The Black blogosphere is dominated by male-centric relationship blogs, but Max's provocative and honest take on dating from a woman's perspective provides a worthy counterpoint.The subject matter sometimes ventures into the uncomfortable, but the writing never feels forced, and like any dating blog, sometimes the comments are as good as the post.With the gorgeous photos of black women from eras gone by, you'll treat your soul.Jamilah Lemieux of The Beautiful Struggler - Prepare to be challenged by the elegant, revealing prose you'll find on this blog.Joi Mckenzie of The Fab Empire - What were your favorite celebrities doing last night?

Brittany of Clumps of Mascara - For those of us who weren't born beauty mavens, Brittany's in depth tutorials and reviews provide a lifeline to fab.Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman - Most of us are continually seeking to be our best selves, and this personal development blog could help you on your journey.Consistently updated with powerful reflections and self-affirmations, it's the ideal online destination for those days when the rainbow just isn't enough.Nichelle's blogs are reminders that we have a history of beauty and glamour.With beauty tips and fashion advice, Nichelle shows us how to pamper our bodies.

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