Dating and engagement customs in egypt

By the second century BC, the bride herself was given an expensive gold ring as an indication the groom trusted her with his valuable property, but it was only worn in public, and was not used during household work.Instead, a plain betrothal or engagement ring of iron, called , was worn at home, and on the iron ring sometimes sported a tiny key shape.The hole in the ring’s center represented a gateway or door leading to future events.These rings were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand (known as the ring finger) as Egyptians believed a vein ran from that finger straight to the heart, and this practice is said to be the origins of many later traditions.It became popular to have a wedding ring designed to look like a snake, as Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, gave her a snake engagement ring.Snakes, like the circular band, were symbols of eternity.

Said to be one of the oldest marital customs, it is one which has changed over time and across cultures, and so the true origins of wedding rings are somewhat elusive.As more expensive materials were used, the value of the ring represented the degree of wealth of the giver, as well as the quality of love shown.The Romans continued the tradition of the wedding ring, but the ring was often given by the groom to the father of the bride, and served as a symbol of bride purchase.These rings signified strength, permanence, and a control over the giver’s possessions, which could be ‘locked away’ at the wearer’s discretion.It is also said the Romans were the first to engrave wedding rings.

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