Dating a webley mk vi

The .45 Auto Rim is rated by CIP to 1200 bar, or 17,400 psi, while the standard .45 Auto Colt rates 1300 bar, or 18,850 psi.

It was one of a series of .455 inch calibre Webley revolvers which were the standard issue pistols of the British Army from 1887 onwards.Whilst British officers could purchase their own pistols, provided they were chambered in .455 calibre, the Webley series of revolvers was available to them and issued as standard to machine gun crews, aircrew, raiding parties, tank crew, and naval personnel.In 1915 procurement was switched from the Mk V revolver with its 'birds head' shaped grip, to the longer barrelled Webley Mk VI.The British military officially adopted the Mark VI revolver from 1915 to 1923.This model retained its automatic extraction feature, as sported by its predecessors.

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