Dating a snuggie

After years of ragging on how stupid snuggies are, I gotta admit...

it We've got a few snuggies around the house, but I find them less useful than blankets.

“They don’t cheat and offer unconditional love”, she quipped. Yet I almost could understand if she was dating a snuggie because those suckers are quite cozy and comforting.

And hey, their a cheap date at less than 20 bucks a shot.

November and December are just too hectic.” But experts aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to let the climate dictate your choice of mate.“I know singles are clamoring to couple up before the holiday season, which is a time when people feel bad not being in a relationship,” says Lindsay Chrisler, a New York City-based dating coach.“But I really think anyone who’s scrambling should take a deep breath and focus on themselves.” That said, there are certain places where it’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter plenty of members of the opposite sex during the fall.There are also Adult dating sites to check out if interested.Look for online dating strategies and even safety tips for online dating sites.

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