Dating a mutron 3

Range Controls the frequency range of the filter sweep. The down position is a thick, juicy sound with a deep sweep Decay The speed the filter closes as your note decays. Set around 12 o’clock for a faster, more bubbly decay that grabs every note. You may find that the down sweep works best with the gain control cranked up a bit.Sweep Controls the direction of the filter’s sweep. WARNING: In certain settings, the Proton can put out very loud resonant peaks that can blow speakers.Peak Controls the resonance, or wetness, of the filter.Everything up to 12 o’ clock is on the subtle side.The gain knob controls the sensitivity of the envelope detector circuit.The peak knob controls the resonance, or 'wetness' of the filter sweep.

Enigma: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for bass guitar.

Power Use a 9-18v DC power supply with a 2.1 center-negative (Boss-style) plug (not included). The Proton is protected internally against AC and reverse polarity supplies. Gain Controls how sensitive the filter is to your playing dynamics.

If the gain control is all the way counter clockwise, the filter won’t open at all.

A modern homage to the classic Mutron III envelope filter New features for v3: Tone knob for fine control over the filter sweep.

Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments.

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