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Since passing the Family Law of 1983, Greece has firmly established legal gender equality in family relationships and decision making.At the present time approximately 53% of university places are occupied by women, and in the general workplace there is no discrimination between the sexes.They love social activities which revolve around eating, drinking, playing games, listening to music, dancing and having fun in general.They also enjoy conversation, often getting together to debate various issues.

It is a Greek tradition for young men and women to be introduced to one another by their families.Since the end of the Ottoman influence and the gradual establishment of the modern state, the class system and associated welfare has become fluid, largely dependent on education and the type of work or career that follows.Although the country has borrowed heavily from the European Union with little chance of paying the money back, the Greeks nevertheless maintain a strong sense of social responsibility, esteem within the community and a well-defined attitude to correct behaviour.To be successful when dating a guy from this incredible country, you should follow these tips: Not too sure about Greek men?No problem, you can also get to meet guys from France, Germany, Turkey, Australia, China or Canada.

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