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That same year, Sarah and Bethany left Weatherfield for a new life in Milan, returning in 2015 after Bethany was expelled from her school in Italy.

Now a teenager, Bethany was very close to Sarah and at times they behaved more like sisters than mother and daughter.

In December 2007, Sarah planned to move to Italy with Jason and Bethany with her uncle, Stephen Reid.

David was originally meant to go, but to get back at him for all the things he had done to her, Sarah planted ecstasy tablets in his drawer at Audrey's salon.

Her dad Neil was the same age and the immature schoolboy wanted nothing to do with her, becoming an "absent father".

Moments after her birth, Alison Webster, who lost her own baby Jake, kidnapped Bethany and threatened to kill herself.

Bethany's infancy had plenty of drama; in 2004 she was kidnapped by her unstable paternal grandmother Brenda Fearns, and when she was seven she almost died after taking an ecstasy tablet her uncle David Platt had hidden inside her doll.She then met 35-year-old Nathan Curtis, who was part of a gang in involved in grooming young girls in order to be pimped.Bethany was coerced into having sex with random men and was on the verge of being sold into prostitution abroad when she found the courage to report Nathan and his cohorts to the police. Bethany then started a relationship with Craig Tinker but they quickly realised they were better off as friends.However, she had grown rebellious and difficult to control.In 2016, Bethany was the victim of school bullying which led to self-esteem issues.

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