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If you work with a credit counselor, it’s important to research the organization before you get started.Check with your state attorney general’s office and consumer protection agency to ensure it’s reputable.The first is a personal loan, which is usually repaid over a period of one to seven years.The fixed time period helps people pay off debt faster than a revolving credit line, which usually only requires minimum payments.You could attend credit counseling to see what options you have so you can pay back your debt in the most efficient way possible, or you could simply consolidate your debt and start paying off the debt consolidation loan.We cover the scenarios in which an individual should consider debt consolidation or credit counseling.For instance, if you just have a couple of credit card bills but you have plenty of disposable income to make extra payments each month, consolidating your credit card debt to a personal loan with a lower interest rate could save you money on interest and allow you to pay off your debt faster.On the other hand, credit counseling usually makes more sense if you're struggling with your debt.

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Before you agree to a plan, ask whether the credit counselors are compensated based on the actions you take from their suggestions.Most people focus on consolidating unsecured debt, such as credit card debt and payday loans, because of the higher interest rates that are charged on these types of debt.When you consolidate your debt, most people choose one of two options.If you can barely make the minimum payments each month (or can't make them at all), credit counseling can help you understand your financial situation and provide options for how to fix your debt problem.You may also be a great candidate for credit counseling if you are simply overwhelmed by your finances and don't know where to start. They know they have a debt problem and also know that it can be fixed with a bit of hard work.

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