Consolidating multiple email addresses gmail

For this reason, mail forwarding is a faster, better solution if your other account supports it.For more information about these limitations, check out Microsoft’s help page on the subject.If you want to create multiple @or @email addresses and combine them into one email inbox, you can use’s email aliases feature, which we covered in our list of tips and tricks for This is easier than juggling multiple accounts and linking them together.This process will be different depending on your other email account.does support email forwarding, so you can combine several or Hotmail email addresses together in this way.

If you’re using another account, open the and provide the address of your main account.

Receiving all your email in one inbox is only one part of the puzzle.

You’ll probably want to reply to the email occasionally, and people may be confused if you reply from an @address instead of the address they sent the email to.’s mail fetching feature is ideal when you have another email account that can’t automatically forward mail to you.

It will work with any email account that supports the standard POP3 protocol.

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