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tag=txt And request permission for ourselves to use each and every one of our own forum posts?or something close to it, is in the user agreements of Compuserve (dating to when it was an H&R Block Company) and AOL, as well as the message boards on Yahoo and MSN.If this can not be worked out I think I'm out of here for good, THIS IS EVIL! It's not that I don't understand how this came into place. And while CNET probably doesn't care that some users are ticked off an leave, the whole thing seems really unnecessary to me.If this is not resolved, which I really hope it will be, maybe we should all go to:

You acknowledge that you, not CNET Networks, are responsible for the contents of your submission."I don't have any qualms with either half of that paragraph, but I do have objections to both being in effect.

I think the key to this argument is "All submitted content becomes the sole property of CNET Networks"...

Why isn't something like "You grant CNET full usage rights to any content that you submit" enough? I don't really see a problem with giving CNET the right to use the content both on the site and possibly in some other way in combination with me still being responsible if it's illegal in some way or whatever.

It really is a standard legal statement, particularly when dealing with larger companies, and isn't something I expect to be changed.--"Note that the same clause is not given in regard to these forums.

It's you're decision, but if you read the fine print you'll find many of the places you visit make similar statements so your hotspots may dwindle quite a bit.

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