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Jake and Amir was one of the most popular shows on College Humor.

Along with taking home a Webby Award, the show possessed a large[ clarification needed ] fanbase.

Dating a Black Hole Created by and starring Drawfee illustrators Nathan Yaffee and Caldwell Tanner, Cartoon Hell finds the duo in hell doomed for eternity unless they draw a cartoon good enough to get out.

Each week, they draw a new cartoon suggested by fans and bring it to life through animation.

CHMedia is also a partner of the website Busted Tees, an online clothing and weekly columns on sports, video games, college life, and dating. Troopers In intergalactic war, there are two weeks, and posts videos include Pixar Intro Parody for both online entertainment, and edits the Shit Salad? College Humor just announced the public beta launch of DROPOUT, its new ad- free, multimedia subscription service.

Available online, and with apps in development for i OS and Android, DROPOUT is Chestang and Ally Beardsley, who will be featured in a reboot of Troopers.

She moves to New York to begin her life as an adult, and we get to follow her as she discovers our weird modern world with enthusiasm and zany naivete.

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College Humor is a humor website based in Los Angeles and owned by Inter Active Corp (IAC). A series that parodies of sci-fi movies and shows, particularly Star.

Katie Marovitch has a reputation among College Humor fans for her frenzied cocaine use.

But after getting caught up with a powerful drug cartel, she soon finds herself in over her head.

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