Chrome not updating passwords survival guide to online dating

While developers work to fix the password saving issue (hopefully), here’s a workaround to get the password for websites that having issue saved in Google Chrome for automatic filling in on next visit.

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The primary causes of this issue are: Before proceeding to anything else, it is advised to update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version.You can enable it as follows: Open the address chrome://settings/content/cookies on the Google Chrome browser. However, the browser also offers (prompts) to save the password. Open the address chrome://settings/passwords in the Google Chrome browser.Switch OFF the toggle switch for Keep local data only until you quit your browser. Turn the toggle switch ON for the setting Offer to save passwords.The procedure for the same is as follows: Open the address chrome://settings/clear Browser Data in Google Chrome.Fo to the Advanced tab, select All time and the first four options as shown above and click on Clear data.

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