Chinese pop star dating 12 year old

So which is it, can 12 year olds fall in love with adult men or not, and can adult men love 12 year olds or not? They seem to have quite a few of these love songs and videos, with high production values. So it's all based on your culture, is what I'm trying to say I guess.

As I read it, this is just another example of the rich and powerful not being bound by the rules the rest of society demands, and being able to get away with behavior that would get the rest of us lynched.

We can maybe leave some wiggle room for a certain amount of actual physical and genetic differences, but I genuinely believe this is a fundamental truth and that various cultures have distorted for so long resulting in all kinds of abuse and mistreatment.

This is not to say that women's lib plays a role - of course it does - but when a patriarchal nation/culture grants more power to its womenfolk you have to ask why it is willing to make this sacrifice. Well, as a Chinese living in Canada, I don't really see anything wrong with this relationship.So here's the problem with this situation: Why is this man allowed to openly flaunt his pedophilia/ephebophilia?(considering that they've been friends since she was 8 and started dating at 11/12 at the latest, it's borderline real pedophilia, not even ephebobilia).We can debate all day about cultural relativism, but I think this is a package deal with the general way they view and treat women. Similar misogyny and poor practices happen all the time in India as well.Remember how parents were only allowed one child and most killed or aborted their daughters? It's a general lack of seeing women as equals just as worthy of any role as a man.

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