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As long as humans continue to push the limits of what’s possible, we’ll be there with our stopwatches and counters, documenting and ratifying the achievements.And the next 60 years will undoubtedly be as fascinating and record- breaking as the last.■ EXTREMES IN, ON AND BEYOND THE EARTH THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH NESS LOOK RECORDS GUINNESS BO( OF Records GU 1 NTSESS BOOK OF RECORDS HOTTEST LARGEST THE OLDEST SMALLEST RICHEST FASTEST THE ess book Records i i 3 1 r ■■ ■■■ „ GUINNESS BOOK -‘J -I OF RECORDS , - ° " F I HEAVIEST n DEEPEST LONGEST HIGHEST The GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS SLOWEST LARGEST FASTEST LONGEST SLOWEST OLDEST DEEPEST loudest Ai GUINN OF H EC u«r, ■ k, Hu SIKh TM SSDw Mtt CHESHigi WFl EMAU INN guinness BO 1*«7 a change of name to its current title Guinness World Records, reflecting the fact that it’s more than just a book: it also has TV shows, museums, websites, digital apps, ebooks and, most recently, live October of that year, it became an instant best-seller, and has remained at the top of the charts ever since.

In 1955, both powers announced their intention to launch satellites, and the Soviets were the first to achieve the first artificial satellite with Sputnik 1 in 1957.

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While it was initially intended as a promotional item, the book had a life beyond the bars, and when The Guinness Book of Records was offered up for the public to buy (minus the beer-proof coating!

) World Records now processes around 50,000 claims a year, and has sent adjudicators as far afield as the bottom of the ocean and the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

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