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Along the way the stagecoach overturned sending hundreds of wild cats free in the prairie.Phatty was able to retrieve many of the cats, and he delivered them to the girls in Deadwood, selling them for - each.In 1877, freighter "Phatty" Thompson paid local Cheyenne boys 25 cents for every stray cat they could find.He loaded up the Deadwood stage with howling cats and off he went to Deadwood, convinced that the dancehall girls would purchase them.In 1876 what popular mode of transportation began running between Cheyenne and South Dakota?

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During the recent renovation of the depot, workers discovered that these original fence planks and their colorful posters were used as the 2nd floor ceiling and had been covered by later ceiling work.What famous pop singer lived in Cheyenne as a child? Who was married in Cheyenne near the location of the First United Methodist Church in 1876? The presiding minister noted in his prayer book that he "didn't think they meant it." Hickock was slain during a poker game in Deadwood, South Dakota five months later.Wild Bill Hickok married Agnes Lake Thatcher at the residence of S. He was holding two pair - aces and eights - which soon became known as the "dead man's hand." What famous couple was married in Holliday Park in 1973? What street in Cheyenne had the most saloons in the olden days? During Cheyenne's "Hell on Wheels" days, 15th Street was the center of a booming "red light" district where railroad men could visit the saloons and brothels, hanging their red lanterns outside the doors so their engineers could locate them when their trains were departing.In a 1990 interview she stated, "I have come to despise my father for the way he ignored me when I was a child.He came to the island maybe once a year but really didn't seem to care whether he saw me or not.

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