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After Ben's wife died, Bron was there for him...leaving less time for Luke.

Luke dumps Bron and starts having an affair with the CEO of the hospital.

In between he had dealings with a dodgy underworld family, who had a hold over him for them protecting his brother.

Terri was the major character in the early years and the whole premise of the show was about her adjustment to working in a hospital as a nun.

Ben eventually calls off his romance with Paula obviously still inlove with Bron, they get re-engaged and married.

Ben is offered a promotion, so they both leave All Saints and move to the country.

Ben was married to Stephanie but always had a soft spot for Bronwyn.

When Stephanie died, he was free to act upon his feelings and eventually they got together and left to be married, but not before he had a relationship with Paula.

He eventually reappeared in a small cameo as the new partner of Nelson's ex-wife and were about to have a baby.

After coming face to face with her rapist again after he tried to commit suicide she decided to go back to TAFE and get her HSC so she could get on with her life.

Close friend of Terri, he lost his wife in a car accident.

She was very focused on her career and her patients.

She gets pregnant although it ends up being an ectopic pregnancy.

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