Channel four dating show

She had dated a few "love rats" and was now searching for her "Prince Charming." The second contestant was a 28-year-old bisexual tattoo artist Jennafer, who declared that she was fed up of men and wanted to find the perfect woman. When they returned a month later both claimed the other had ignored their texts.

In the end she picked a blue haired woman and they both appeared again for the two week meetup. A fast forwarded verbal battle ensued ending with neither even looking at the other and Cathy just repeatedly shouting "stupid" at her date.

The programme then presents their feedback after the date. Ofcom chose not to investigate as there was nothing that breached their rules: the show was purely a dating show and did not contain sexual activity, and was shown after the watershed.

Once those six have been whittled down to two, the person deciding then appears nude to select one of them for a fully clothed date. The show received numerous complaints from viewers to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom due to the full frontal nudity that it contains.

In the second part Adam, a 24 year old technophobe who is nicknamed Jesus because of his appearance, chose 22 year old Kymberlynn.

After 5 weeks they both complained they had no texts or contact from the other.

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