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Analytical methods need to be validated or revalidated The FDA has also published a guidance for the validation of bioanalytical methods (8). The report presents guiding principles for validating studies of both human and animal subjects.The most comprehensive document is the conference report of the 1990 Washington conference: Analytical Methods Validation: Bioavailability, Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetic Studies, which was sponsored by, among others, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), the AOAC and the U. The report has also been used as a basis for the FDA industry guidance document (8).Initial parameters should be chosen according to the analyst’s experience and best judgment.Final parameters should be agreed between the lab or analytical chemist performing the validation and the lab or individual applying the method and users of the data to be generated by the method.This proposed procedure assumes that the instrument has been selected and the method has been developed.

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The validity of a specific method should be demonstrated in laboratory experiments using samples or standards that are similar to unknown samples analyzed routinely.The preparation and execution should follow a validation protocol, preferably written in a step-by-step instruction format.Possible steps for a complete method validation are listed in Table 1.This ensures that one set of consumables can be used for most experiments and avoids unpleasant surprises during method validation.Operators should be sufficiently familiar with the technique and equipment.

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