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As a college student, she worked at the "local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV as a reporter," according to The Pi Beta Phi sorority sister certainly kept busy throughout her college years.Between going to class and her internships, she also reportedly found time to squeeze in some work as a volunteer writer for the sports blog, , the Lubbock, Texas native competed for Miss Texas Teen USA in 20, but she apparently found more success outside the Lone Star State.Though Crawford's days of being the wife of an active football player came to a close when her husband retired from the league in 2017 after 14 seasons, she's staying as busy away from the field.If she's not "sword fighting" with her little ones, she's flexing her entrepreneurial prowess, acting as her hubby's "spiritual mentor," or showing off her impressive golf swing. Candice Crawford reportedly attended high school at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas, and then enrolled at the University of Missouri to study business and journalism.

She launched Hawk Sloane, a line of essential oil sprays, with her middle school friend and golf buddy Hollie Siglin.

He was more than willing to spill the beans about the early stages of his sister's romance during a 2016 interview with Chace claimed Candice was caught "off guard" when she realized Romo would be picking her up from home for their first outing, which he described as a "movie/dinner date, where you're eating at the theatre." Candice still lived with her parents at the time, and they just so happened to be "massive Cowboys fans," Chace said. As for the wedding cake, a source said it was "almost as tall as the ceiling." And just like that, we're starving. Candice Crawford watched helplessly from the sidelines as her husband was plagued by multiple sports-related injuries, including a compression fracture in 2016 that caused him to miss nine games during the season, according to stressful.

When Romo finally hung up his football cleats, she admitted, "There was this underlying weight that I didn't even know was there that was totally lifted." Though she knew she would miss "being a part of the NFL family," something tells us she's perfectly content with Romo's subsequent gig as a CBS sports analyst.

She finished in the top ten, losing out to — you guessed it — a Texan named Crystle Stewart.

Crawford mentioned she was "underage" when they met, but two years after that summer gig, the stars aligned for these two sports enthusiasts. Instead of risking her parents blowing her first date with the football great, she told them to "hide in the back," Chace said. I thought that was really funny." Who knew Chace was a real-life .

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