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It essentially means that parts of a person's personality have traits that align with many traits possessed by criminals.Traits such as neuroticism, anti-social tendencies, and aggressive behaviors.He found age, gender, poverty, education, and alcohol consumption were important factors to crime.Émile Durkheim viewed crime as an inevitable aspect of a society with uneven distribution of wealth and other differences among people.

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Criminologists have since rejected Lombroso's biological theories since control groups were not used in his studies.

Basically, pointing a finger at the government and saying that low income levels, high poverty/unemployment rates, and poor educational systems create and fuel criminals and crimes.

One having a criminal personality is derived from psychological positivism school of thought.

It differs from biological positivism in the thought that that school of thought says criminals are born criminals, whereas the psychological perspective recognizes the internal factors are results of external factor such as, but are not limited to, abusive parents, abusive relationships, drug problems, etc.

Social Positivism, which oftentimes referred to as Sociological Positivism, discusses the thought process that criminals are produced by society.

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