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At this point, Tavares-Finson reminded Brown that he had already made a ruling about relevance and told him to move on.

"If you wish to deal with this issue there are other ways to deal with it," the Senate President said.

"You're calling names in a matter that the whole country knows is under investigation," he added.

At this point, Opposition Senator KD Knight told Tavares-Finson that Brown should be allowed to continue in the public interest but the president would not budge on what should be addressed in the debate to which Brown responded: "My freedom of speech is not going to be muzzled." At one stage Brown said it was his purpose to clear Miller's name.

He then made mention of several scandals that have dogged the Jamaica Labour Party government since the party retook the reins of government in 2016.He asked the question in the context of the alleged mistreatment of five Jamaican fishermen by the United States coast guard against which the men have since taken legal action.During the numerous interventions and points of order from the government side, Opposition Senator Wentworth Skeffrey could be heard asking "how unno so nervous, how unno so nervous?At this time Pearnel Charles Jr., who was acting as Leader of Government Business in the Senate, rose on what was the first of a handful of points of order from him.Charles Jr told Brown that his presentation was not relevant to the debate but the Opposition Senator insisted that clauses 4 and 6b of the bill spoke to the liability of the Petro Caribe Fund.

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