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These scenarios beg the question: A few years ago, in an attempt to answer this question, Jennifer Schneider, Charles Samenow, and I conducted a survey of women whose husbands were engaging in significant amounts of extramarital sexual activity, either online or in the real world.

Our research found that when it comes to the negative impact of sex and romance outside the bounds of a supposedly monogamous relationship, tech-based and real-world interactions are : The emotional pain, the sense of betrayal, and the loss of relationship trust feel exactly the same to the aggrieved partner.

It isn't fair of him to withhold intimacy from me, but constantly watch porn.

It isn't fair of him to insult my intelligence by lying when it's obvious that he is visiting these sites.

I am not an ugly woman, although my self-esteem has always been very low because of abuse I suffered growing up.

The system randomly chooses the users’ profile one can chat with.He will look me in the eye, laugh, and say "what are you talking about? There is one site that I found he had visited, where men have the option of interacting with the "models" via webcam, and you can tip them or spend money to see them take off clothes, do sexual things, chat with them, etc.It's not DOES bother me because he isn't sexual with me at all.And it is only as trust is slowly restored that the betrayed partner and the relationship start to heal.Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S is Senior Vice President of National Clinical Development for Elements Behavioral Health, creating and overseeing addiction and mental health treatment programs for more than a dozen high-end treatment facilities, including Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu, The Ranch in rural Tennessee, and The Right Step in Texas.

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