Bt home hub not updating

If rebooting through the software doesn’t fix the problem you’re having, unplug the power cord from the back of the Google Home and let it sit like that, unplugged, for 60 seconds.

Plug the cord back in and wait another minute for it to fully power on, and then check to see if the problem goes away.

If Google Home is sitting next to an air vent, computer, TV, microwave, radio, dishwasher, or some other device that puts off noise or interference, you, of course, have to speak much louder than you normally would so that Google Home knows the difference between those noises and your voice.

" or by swiping in a clockwise motion on the top, tapping the right side of the Mini, sliding to the right on the front of your Google Home Max, or pressing the upper volume button on the back of the Google Nest Hub.

If you still can’t hear anything from Google Home, the mic might be completely disabled.

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Problems with Google Home connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can cause lots of issues, like spotty internet connections, buffering, music that suddenly stops out of nowhere, and more.Other problems include music that takes forever to load after you tell Google Home to play it, or music that stops playing hours later for no apparent reason.If the Google Home has the wrong location set up, you’ll definitely get some strange results when you ask about the current weather conditions, request traffic updates, want distance information from where you are, etc.Sky's second plan was claimed to deliver a download speed of 285Mbps and an upload of 45Mbps.Most notably, it was stated the provider would "position" the new router as being "comparable in performance" to Talk Talk's Wi-Fi Hub and BT's Smart Hub 2 series.

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