Bruno senna lalli dating

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Gun Powder Ma (talk) , 27 November 2012 (UTC) I have seen mentioned in documentaries etc that da Silva is quite frequently found in Brazil and Ayrton chose a more unique name when he began to rise through the racing ladder, having used the da Silva name early in his career.

Britmax (talk) , 9 January 2013 (UTC)I think this is because of the Portuguese and as a consequence of that Brazilian naming customs.

Why did AS race under his maternal and not his paternal name? His rival Nelson Piquet happened to do the same thing but for a reason as the WP article tells.

It would be interesting for the reader to learn why Senna did it too.

Why did you decide to keep laps, gps led and poles and delete front row, kms led and pole-win? either you delete all, or you keep the eight of them.

He was named Senna Lalli, and not da Silva Pereira, in accordance with Brazilian naming customs. I made a third suggestion, that is quoting the records he owned during his lifetime and got it broken still alive: Mostly, the records set for a season(wins, poles, laps and kms led) in 1988 and also wins from the start of a season (1991). However as you've had to research the topic it suggests you've researched and calculated the record yourself.The point at which this occurs is determined by discussion on the talk page of the article concerned, and the talk page of any project with an interest.Britmax (talk) , 9 January 2013 (UTC) Once you guys decided that "this driver had egg and chips for breakfast on the 12th of May 1974", I suggest that you delete all the mentionings for previous records hel by Senna, once they are now meaningless.Ayrton Senna da Silva did indeed choose to use "Senna" as it was less common and I assume that Bruno did likewise. Senna won 15 races: 6 Monaco, 5 USA (Detroit/Phoenix), 2 Australia, 2 Canada. It was a street circuit, but now is no longer a street circuit as it is now closed to the public but for most of its life it was not.He may also have wanted to honour his uncle, with the added benefit that a yellow helmeted "Senna" was a much brighter sponsorship prospect than a "Lalli", but this is the sort of speculation that desperately needs a reliable source attached. Schumacher, in 2004, got this 16th victory (7 Canada, 5 Monaco, 4 Melbourne). The Nurburgring has never been a street circuit and I did not say that it was.

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