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Nor can I find any verses that would suggest a problem with it.Actually, I’d find an easier time defending it using the Bible than attacking it. This chapter is Solomon’s advice to his son about defending against adultery. I’m merely pointing out that it’s easier to defend than attack biblically.I’m not sure how strong that evidence is, I’m not a medical professional after all.(Christina’s Thoughts in purple) I’ve read articles about breast milk fighting off cancer of people who drink it. WHO recommends infants have nothing but breast milk for their first 6 months.Another story I read was a mother and 3 kids were trapped in a car in a blizzard lost for 3 days. So if you think about that, they grow the most in the first year, and their brain makes HUGE developments in that time too.The kids only had their mothers milk to drink since she had an infant. So before I turn this into a pro-breastfeeding article, let’s just say that breast milk does a body good.However, it’s probably well past the point than a single individual could practically drain.

Also, because of that, I think, is the only context in which this is acceptable.

One should be aware, that you can restart lactation if you nurse often enough.

The numbers I’ve seen suggested 2-3 times per day at 20 minutes each session.

In it we see: Now, this is not a clear cut case saying everyone should be in an adult nursing relationship. I can’t find any reason why one cannot, from a moral standpoint.

Breast milk can’t hurt you, and nursing doesn’t harm the woman (in the large majority of cases).

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