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Part of this, in the straight community, is likely due to straight-up homophobia, which creates the myth that men who sleep with men might be in some way "dirtier" or "risky" in their sexual practices.And among LGBTQ people, the imagined honesty issue, where bisexual men supposedly lack the strength to admit their "true" orientation, is key.It's mistaking the fundamentals of attraction for some kind of deep abiding "pull" to bed everything in sight.The bisexual person is often seen as "promiscuous" and incapable of faithful monogamy, even though science dictates quite clearly that bisexuals are just as capable of monogamous relationships as anybody else.Here's the really interesting thing about the study: Adam & Eve's customer base are, by definition, interested in sex and likely into a bit of exploration, as consumers of toys and intimate material.All things considered, that's likely a pretty open-minded demographic.The issue is usually to do with worries about "trendiness" (no person wants to be an otherwise straight person's gay "experiment" as they try to look cool) or about long-term orientation; as some gay people originally identified as bisexual throughout the course of their coming out, it can be seen as a "phase" or "in-between" zone, a less serious orientation that represents a person either deluded about their straightness or uncomfortable with their gayness.

Within the study, 39 percent of men said they were open to dating a bisexual person, while 31 percent of women said they were; 15 percent of men versus 23 percent of women were unsure.And the frustrating thing is that misconceptions don't just originate within the straight community.Despite the "B" in LGBTQ, some gay people will express deep reservations about dating bisexuals.Life can be hard out there for a bisexual person, especially when it comes to finding love.As data is increasingly revealing (and as all openly bisexual people have known for years), identifying as bisexual actually significantly contracts your dating pool, by eliminating all those people who are unwilling, for one reason or another, to contemplate having a bisexual romantic partner.

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