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Worst-case scenario, if the bathroom has a lock on it, it’s ON!

😉 It’s not so much that people aren’t TRYING to be in our business here.. 😀 There are too many places to be, too many ways to get around and too many ways to communicate.

The thing that struck me as the most interesting (and, granted, as an editor, I know that I can make footage look like anything I want it to) was that the kids seemed okay with each other during regular everyday interactions.

When the old-ass people were interviewed, they either shrugged their shoulders like “I don’t know why” or said something to the effect of “That’s how it’s always been” like as if they’re still watching 13″ Black & White Televisions because that’s what they had when they grew up. My island (Manhattan, New York City) has A MILLION PEOPLE ON IT. To never have those relationships to look to as potential examples you can learn from.

🙂 Next thing you know, she takes two steps out of the bar, flags a taxi and is gone to who-knows-where again. Your best bet is to have a friendly relationship to your kids so they trust you with information rather than evading you, which is insanely easy to do.

I’ve messed with chicks while their parents were in the same house with us but on different floors and they never even knew I LIKED their daughters. Whatever they say to you, you tell them what they want to hear and then go ahead and do whatever you were going to do with their daughter in the first place. In Manhattan, there are some blocks with three CROWDED bars within 50 steps of each other, with several areas in each bar.

The concept of introducing myself to a chick’s parents as a potential suitor is mentally akin for me to actually putting on a suit of armor, picking up a lance, getting on a horse and jousting. There’s no such thing in NYC as “Pick a chick up from her house” or “Sit down with her parents and chat”.. It’s easy to disappear INSIDE OF A BAR with a chick by ‘hiding’ amongst people that you don’t know.

And then the other day I had a date all lined up when this happened: Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was talking to Liam freeking Neeson???

I was living off rice for a week to make up for that one.

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