Biblical courting dating

Occasionally I will check out various atheist blogs and You Tube channels that critique this blog.

What I often find interesting is that they admit something many Christian feminist bloggers will not admit. Sure, it is fine if you want to, they say, but marriage is no longer needed for a strong and stable society in their view.

Women were not given their common human traits with men for this same purpose.

They were given their humanity in order to be a helper and companion to man they were purposefully made as “the weaker vessel” as 1 Peter 3:7 states so that they would need man’s leadership, provision and protection as all mankind needs God’s leadership, provision and protection.

They sought out women so that they could be looked up to, respected and needed for their ability to provide and protect.

They sought out female companionship for the visual and physical pleasure women could give them and the fact that women could bear and care for their children and thus help them continue their family lines.

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They sought out things in women they could not find in men.

My sister has been married a short time and she tells me how hard it is and it seems like so much difficulty with so little reward.” The preceding statement comes from a comment I recently received from a man calling himself Anglo Saxon.

And to be honest a great majority of men in our modern western countries find themselves asking this same question for the same reasons that Anglo Saxon has.

Literally man was created to live out God’s attributes.

That is why men are called to be leaders, providers and protectors to their wives and children and to image God as husband to their wives and image God as a father to their children.

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