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You don’t live in the US so the address will have to be a family member’s or friend’s.

Or you can set up an Earth Class Mail account before leaving!

Of course, not just anyone is going to add you to their account so you can pay your bills!

But if you do know someone who trusts you enough, you can pay your new cards from their account.

This can be a real problem if you are already overseas.

To get around that, someone could forward the signature card to you, and then you could mail it back to the US.

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All new credit card applications ask for lots of information.How you can repay them, perhaps even from abroad, is something I’ll cover in a future post.But it would be much easier to have your own US bank account.But many US citizens and ex-permanent residents, known as expats, often wonder whether they can still get credit cards if they leave or have already left the US.Perhaps they’ve relocated for a job or have gone for an extended trip abroad.

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