Back dating your computer

To run the Network troubleshooter on you device, do the following: Once the troubleshooter completes the process, use your web browser to check if you can access the internet.

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If you can successfully ping the router, but you can't still connect to the internet, then it could be an issue with your modem/router or internet provider.Of course, if you can't connect to the internet, you'll need to do this from another computer with an internet connection, and then save the driver on an external drive and manually install it on your computer.After completing the steps, use your web browser to verify you have a working internet connection.To roll back the previous driver, do the following: Once you completed the steps, open your web browser and try to navigate to different websites to see if your computer can access the internet.In the case that your network adapter stopped working immediately after installing an update, you could try manually uninstalling the network adapter driver, and then letting the operating system try to install the most up to date driver.

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