Are tegan and sara dating each other

Oh yeah, did we mention that one run-in with some LEGO-ized statue named Oscar?

Since the secret to their longevity can only be found in their discography, Vulture asked Tegan and Sara to pick the 10 best songs they’ve written.

I didn’t have lyrics, all I had was the “I did behave” part, but I remember we got halfway to lunch and I was singing it, and I was like, “Give me your phone.” I recorded a voice-note because the hook was in my head, which was very exciting.

We’re not big, bombastic vocalists; coming up with repetitive vocal melodies is our thing.

But this was probably the first song that I wrote that had a connection with the audience, which I hadn’t yet had a song accomplish.

They’ve graduated from emo heartthrobs to queer influencers to pop songwriting elite without ever losing momentum.It’s a very unconventional way to write — I’d never done it before — but it actually started this thing for me where I would just work on one section and then build the song around it.I used to get a section going and then have to force myself to finish it.Even though it’s not technically a Tegan and Sara song, I chose this because it was the first time Sara and I collaborated on a song that got released into the world.This was also the first time we’d co-written with somebody, so it was the first time someone was giving us feedback on what we’d written, but it wasn’t in the studio.

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