Are more white girls dating black guys

We simply aren't that thirsty for dick or validation to be that if we're going to date a white man he's going to be a cool and empathetic and down (but not wigga) white of them aren't seeking anything.

He told me that he has a hard time being attracted to white women anymore and he thinks most of them are annoying.

because the white men are more or less in their strata.urbane black women tend to be "good looking" or "polished" simply becayse they have more money and exposure to dope beauty regimens.wealthier ppl are prettier i agree with this.

i also think it's because black women of this strata aren't trying to "date down".

But the white ex was 3 years, so I'll dive in.

We were just both into the local music scene and hit on me at a bar where he was playing and we kept bumping into each other and followed each other on Twitter and soon enough we were dating seriously. I think you just see more black women willing to date white men in areas where black women are highly educated and of means...

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