Android gmail widget not updating

Google is referring to the new feature as "visual disturbances." Do Not Disturb.

At the top of the screen is a section titled "Behavior" with two options: Sound & vibration and Notifications.

Digital Wellbeing is a new feature that keeps tabs on which apps you use, when you use them, and how much time you use them.

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Part of Google's well-being program to help minimize the distractions that may suck users back into using a phone is to enhance the Do Not Disturb feature on Android Pie.

Using Do Not Disturb on Android Pie will not only block calls and notifications when the phone is sitting idle, but it will now block the display from turning on at all when you receive notifications.

These apps are suggestions based on your recent usage.

You will also notice actionable buttons in the app drawer for common tasks, such as opening an app to a specific section or starting a text message to your partner.

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