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I just saved a link for total renewable electricity net consumption, every time I just use this link address, but this time because of your update, it was not found.

It makes me confused, I need this data in excel format, I search all of your website, I did not find this variable data/ Thanks for your feedback! 08/29/2016 - Texas, United States The organization of downloaded CSV data makes the data almost unusable.

Exactly what I needed to bring me up to speed for my research on Michigan and on the Midwest - thanks!

(Mike at Mc Guire Research) Our maps and graphs are available for download, and are also easily embeddable for use on external websites, blogs, and newsletters.

Can you please direct me to it - thanks Click on the ‘Select Countries’ button in green. Click on the green ‘Download’ button on the top right side of the data table10/01/2016 - Texas, United States I'm just curious why the data period ends at 2013 - it's now Oct 2016 - seems like there should be data at least thru 2015. Column B makes every heading equal i.e., the country and various information headings.

I saw a comment that person can download all countries - I can not find that. Click on the green check mark button in the top right corner. 09/28/2016 - Japan I'm using the data for elec. I downloaded All Countries Crude Oil and Lease Condensate Production.

From there you can use the “Select Data” and “Select Countries” tabs to select the data you’d like presented.

01/18/2017 - District of Columbia, United States Clicking on the first graphic on this page zooms in way too much (the height of the graphic is 3x the size of the pop-up) and only the vertical scroll bar works. Region Topic ID=CSR# You can find the information you’re looking for in the “Data” tab at the top of the International Portal.

For all other countries except the United States, total electric power consumption = total net electricity generation electricity imports - electricity exports – electricity transmission and distribution losses.

For the United States, net consumption excludes the energy consumed by the generating units.

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