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Fayette County Sheriff reports an injury traffic accident from Saturday involving two motorcycles. Powell of New Vienna was operating a motorcycle westbound on U. Route 35 approaching the State Route 435 exit ramp.

Officials tell the Times-Gazette in Hillsboro that investigators found more than 100 dogs in inadequate conditions Tuesday at Cares About Life Rescue outside of Hillsboro.

He says it appears she couldn't properly care for so many animals, though her intentions may have been good.

GEORGETOWN (C103)--Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger reports that charges were filed against the parents of 9 year old, Sebastian Swartz, who subsequently died from injuries sustained from a gunshot wound at a residence in Decatur, OH on February 18, 2013.

Sheriff's deputies and animal cruelty investigators returned Thursday with a search warrant and removed some of the dogs.

Those were placed in foster homes or the local dog pound. Highland County Sheriff Ron Ward said he expected animal cruelty charges against the site's operator.

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