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However in the present scenario Indian rural health care faces a crisis unmatched to any other social sector.

Nearly 86% of all the medical visit in India are made by ruralites with majority still travelling more than 100 km to avail health care facility of which 70-80% is born out of pocket landing them in poverty.

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare figure of 2005 suggests a shortfall of 12% for sub centers (existing 146,026), 16% of Primary Health Centers (PHCs) (existing 23,236) and 50% Community Health Centers (CHCs) (existing 3346) then prescribed norms with 49.7%, 78% and 91.5% of sub centers, PHCs and CHCs located in government buildings and rest in non-government buildings respectively requiring a figure of 60,762, 2948 and 205 additional buildings for sub centers, PHCs and CHCs respectively.

Utilization of services has shown to be residence and educational level dependent with 70% of illiterate availing no ANC care when compared with 15% of literate with rural women (43%) less likely to receive the ANC services when compared with urban women (74%).I really hope that this project works out and am excited to see the final model launched in two years – if they manage to keep the cost at this could dramatically change the educational landscape (and technological landscape, come to think of it) the world over and it’s nice to see a serious attempt at exposing children to new technology.Asian Online Chat Rooms – Asian Online Chat Rooms is best free online chat rooms and chat site. Free Asian chatting online Asian Online Chat Rooms, Asian Chat Rooms online in in, and more.Government succeeded in generating infrastructures in urban area but fail to do so in rural, sustaining 70% of Indian population.Though existing infrastructural setup for providing health care in rural India is on a right track, yet the qualitative and quantitative availability of primary health care facilities is far less than the defined norms by the World Health Organization.

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