2 year dating anniversary ideas for him

Plan out 12 dates that you’ll go on once a month for the next year.Purchase tickets and write out what each date will be and put it in an envelope.Kick off the first of many with the best one you find that neither of you have seen. It’s a long game and it takes awhile to get started, but it will be exciting near the end. Buy tickets to a murder mystery show where you’ll have to act out a part together. Get a fancy hotel room (maybe even with a sweet city view) and get out of your house/neighborhood/town for a night. If they love burgers, create a platter of a bunch of different sliders. Badger a local DJ until you convince them to let you dedicate a song to your partner on the radio.Buy some special snacks or your favorite take-out to make it feel special. Bring them back to the place where you had your first date and give them a card that details all the ways your life is better since that day. Bonus points if you keep the role play up after you get home. Vow to spend the entire 24 hours of the anniversary naked together. If you don’t have a lot of money, gift them something small that helps them dream about the adventures you’ll have together in the future. Wander down to the hotel bar and pretend you’re strangers who just met. Cook them dinner while wearing an apron and nothing underneath. Buy a pair of floating lanterns and write your wishes on them for the next year of your lives together. If they love bacon, make a whole meal of foods cooked with bacon. Plan a movie marathon of your favorite series like all the seasons, or just your favorite movies in a genre and spend all weekend being cozy at home vegging out and cuddling. Record it or send the link to the stream to your love as a surprise. Plan a date at home mixing up fancy cocktails and playing a game of sexy truth or dare. Hit up Groupon and see what adventures you can find in your own city.The beaches are not public so be prepared to run if you stop to soak up the sun. Take them to a planetarium and as a surprise, show them that you’ve bought them a star. Go to a fancy restaurant together and treat each other like royalty. Plan an elaborate multi-course meal of food they will love complete with romantic candles and table settings. Order whatever you want from the menu knowing you will savor it and always treasure the memory of a night you two indulged together. Get a likeness portrait painted of the two of you based on your favorite activity to do together, or a meaningful memory you’d want preserved.

Make concrete plans to be able to cross a few things off within the next year. You’ll surprise them with some things they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves. If you have kids, surprise them by getting a sitter or having a family member care for your kids all day so you can spend a lazy day stay-cationing at home.Set up romantic candles and make a playlist of music you two can skate to together. Find a farm or garden nearby that allows you to pick your own produce.Spend a day gathering up all the ingredients to try baking a complicated dessert or meal together. Set up and outdoor movie screening in your backyard. Plan a surprise weekend getaway they know nothing about.Make them breakfast in bed, order in, tune out all the normal stuff you’d be doing/thinking about at home (kids, cleaning, to do lists) and just allow yourselves to indulge in some down time together Netflix chill style. Buy them something really indulgent (something they would never spend money on for themselves) that they’d use every day.Every time they use it and feel how luxurious it is, they’ll be grateful for you and think about how much you care about them.

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