17 25 dating girl old old year years

In my eyes you are dating a man in Mid Life Crisis with no future whatsoever!!!!!

My husband 43 left me and our 2 little angels for a 21 year old and he's already saying that it's not serious and that he still loves me. Please be careful girls and if your situation is like mine you are hurting alot of people!!!

Not only that but he has a daughter this girls age and his daughter is totally uncomfortable with this.

for me the downside to dating an older person is wondering If I should have a child with somebody so much older, for me the big issue is the past relationship history of my partner because they've been living so much longer.

One thing I learned is that, at the end of the day, the only person(s) final opinion that should matter is yourself and your partner because those are the very first people you see in the morning and the very last two at night!

It's all about tolerance -- what are you willing to tolerate? there it is) if he should be a drug dealer, drug user, convicted (even non convicted) felon of rape or murder, excessive drinker, player..

I disagree totally 100% with your conclusion that dating an older person is not right, you are coming to this conclusion because of your personal experience/ But I agree with what another person here was saying that when both persons are adults and they know what they are doing then age does not matter.

If the girl say is 10 years old and the man is 55 years old then of course everyone would agree with you, but if both persons are thinking adults with some kind of intelligence and they both decide out of their own will to enter into a relationship and have relations then I dont think it matters.

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